Play our first of its kind, REAL TIME sports game app that uses REAL TIME data that allows you to interact and compete against others who are also playing the game. You can create your own team or even your own league!


FireFan works with NFL, MLB, MBL, Nascar and it will also include international sports like soccer, rugby and cricket and each sport will be added as their seasons start.


The game is FREE to download and play and if you join through this page today, you will be given 12 FREE tokens to play with. Download it and see if any of your friends already have the game.


Click any image to get started being a FireFan!


Hundreds of top level sports heroes from around the world have already joined to play the game.....and play against YOU! They will be waiting online for you to challenge them. How cool is that?



It's not gambling or anything like that!


Sports now has its VERY OWN social platform combined with an amazing interactive, real time, "global" sports game. This takes sports to a whole new level! This game serves the true fans that are looking for something more. The game only prompts you to answer questions or make predictions when game play stops. This game is truly REAL time!


Its FREE to download and play!
Works with Android, IPhone 


Compete against your family and friends watching the weekend game over at Aunt Metilda's or go down to your local sports bar and play for your team while enjoying a few with friends and giant big screens.


If your favorite pub or bar doesn't have this game and a
team for their establishment, encourage them to set it up. 


Send them here to get it setup. They will love it!!


To become a player please click on any image